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Welcome to Lewis Challenge, a community dedicated to running various fanwork challenges and exchanges for the Lewis fandom. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment here.

Under the cut below you will find a Masterlist of Masterlists for all our past challenges and exchanges.

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Summer Challenge Sign-ups - Reminder

Just a reminder that sign-ups for the Summer Challenge close in two days. The minimum requirements are only 300 words so come on, sign-up and join in the next Lewis challenge :)

Lewis Summer Challenge 2016 - Sign-ups


A bit later than normal due to fitting in a guest challenge, but as promised the Lewis Summer Challenge 2016 is still running and now open for SIGN-UPS!

As usual we are keeping the challenge open for all types of fanworks and the minimum contributions low in order to encourage people to sign-up.

Minimum Output: Signing up to the Lewis Summer Challenge 2016 would mean that you agree to produce at least one of the following:

  • Longer fics - 1,000 words

  • Ficlets - 2 ficlets (ficlet = anything between 100 and 999 words)

  • Drabble series - 3 drabbles (drabble = 100 words)

  • Icon set - 6 icons

  • Larger graphics (headers, banners, wallpapers) - 1 graphic

  • Fanmix - 10 songs

  • Videos - 1 minute

  • Other forms of fannish creativity are welcome, let us know what you’re planning.

Time Limits

  • Sign-Ups: 6th of July 2016 – 13th July 2016

  • Posting Starts: 22nd of August 2016

  • Posting Ends: when we've run out of things to post

Other Things:

  • Prompt post: We have set up one for people to post prompts or fannish wishes to provide inspiration. Furthermore, those people who preferred an exchange where you would create something for a specific recipient, can do that by picking up someone’s prompt. No formal ‘prompt claiming’ is in place, simply use the post as a source of inspiration and a convenient place to dump your unwanted plot bunnies.

  • Beta post: the existing beta post always accepts more people offering or requesting beta services, please feel free to use it.

And finally, to sign-up for the Lewis Summer Challenge 2016, please comment with the following information.

  • Name:

  • Contact email: We’ll only use this if you disappear and don’t comment on the ‘check-in’ posts closer to deadline

  • Creative output: i.e. What are you planning on doing: We would like at least some idea of what you're planning on. This could be as vague or as detailed as you'd like, e.g. 'fic, at least ficlets but may turn into an epic' or 'painting a nude portrait of Hathaway in oil colours' or 'interactive multimedia project about Oxford as a character in Lewis (one day someone will do this and make me very happy!)

That's it. Easy as anything. Do consider signing-up and PLEASE PIMP THE CHALLENGE (feel free to snag the banner to do so)


Sign up for the challenge here.

In comments of this post, leave prompts for the Lewis Summer Challenge 2016.

  • Prompts can be short or detailed, and take any form you like.

  • Write the preferred fanwork type and pairing/characters in the subject line of the comment box. This makes it easier for people to find the type of prompts they might be interested in filling.

  • Provide warnings if you are discussing or linking to potentially triggery content.


Subject: Fic, Hathaway/Lewis
Prompt: Sci-fi AU, Hathaway has wings, Lewis gets space sick, first time.

Subject: Vid, Team Gen
Prompt: I would love a gen vid to Bring on the Wonder by Susan Ena

Subject: Art, Hobson/Lewis, Warning: Link is NSFW and +18
Prompt: I would like some sexy het art and offer this porn tumblr as inspiration

Subject: Fic, Gen or Hathaway/Lewis, Warning: non-con, violence
Prompt: I would like fic where Hathaway is kidnapped and... *this is where I might go into detail about all the nasty, awful things I'd like to see done to Hathaway*


This post is solely to find inspiration or leave your unwanted plot bunnies and express your deepest fannish wishes. There is no need to 'reserve' a prompt for yourself (though feel free to comment on each other's prompts, the prompter will undoubtedly be thrilled to know if you're considering their idea or even agree that it's the best ever). More than one person can use the same prompt as inspiration. Similarly, no one is obligated to use the prompts here.

Play nice. There will be no mocking/insulting of each others' prompts/pairings or exclamations of disgust/horror. Your kinks are not everyone else's kinks and vice versa, be respectful. Or else.

Finally, have fun. There is no limit to how many prompts you can post so go wild, people!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Women of the Morse Universe Fanwork Challenge! We had several wonderful contributions that celebrated the fantastic female characters, who are far too often overlooked in fanwork. Also, sincerest thanks to the  lewis_challenge mods for allowing me to guest-host the challenge here.

Below, I have a masterlist of the contributions to the challenge, arranged in alphabetical order. In the case of fics with more than one chapter, I have linked merely to the first chapter on AO3.

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The Twin Dilemma part 4

Title: The Twin Dilemma
Author: babyklingon (asparargusmama's daughter)
Characters: Siobhan Maitland, OCs, Dr. Grayling Russell, James Hathaway, Lizzie Maddox, Robbie Lewis
Pairings: Siobhan Maitland/OFC, (implied, unreequited Lewis/Hathaway
Warnings: some descriptions of canon type murders, crime scene, forensic and pathology reports
Rating: Teen upwards for death and mild swearing

chapter 4...Collapse )

I apologise profusely for any typos I've missed, either in the bits my daughter wrote, or the bits she wrote as script form that I prosed for her. She's dyslexic and I'm exhausted and shake terrribly and my fingers hit all sorts of odd keys! If any grate, please do point it out nicely.

On ao3 too


Fic: The Twin Dilemma part 3

Title: The Twin Dilemma
Author: babyklingon (asparargusmama's daughter)
Characters: Siobhan Maitland, OCs, Dr. Grayling Russell, James Hathaway, Lizzie Maddox, Robbie Lewis
Pairings: Siobhan Maitland/OFC, (implied, unreequited Lewis/Hathaway
Warnings: some descriptions of canon type murders, crime scene, forensic and pathology reports
Rating: Teen upwards for death and mild swearing

chapter two...Collapse )

RL has not been kind to my daughter and myself over the last fortnight so I am struggliing to finish the last chapter from her script and notes and get it posted by 9pm BST tonight. This was meant to be a much more longer and complex case fic that it has turned out, but hopefully my daughter may go back and write it as the long fic she originally intended. Sorry.

Fic: The Twin Dilemma part 2

Title: The Twin Dilemma
Author: babyklingon (asparargusmama's daughter)
Characters: Siobhan Maitland, OCs, Dr. Grayling Russell
Pairings: Siobhan Maitland/OFC
Warnings: some descriptions of canon type murders, crime scene, forensic and pathology reports
Rating: Teen upwards for death and mild swearing

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Fic: The Twin Dilemma

Title: The Twin Dilemma
Author: babyklingon (asparargusmama's daughter)
Characters: Siobhan Maitland, OCs
Pairings: Siobhan Maitland/OFC
Warnings: some descriptions of canon type murders, crime scene, forensic and pathology reports
Rating: Teen upwards for death and mild swearing

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FIC: Sister, Little Sister

Title: Sister, Little Sister
Author: egalitarianmuse
Characters: Jean Innocent, James Hathaway, Laura Hobson, Robbie Lewis, Helen Cox (x-over with The Wrong Mans)
Rating: G/Everyone
Word count: ~2,300
Warnings: None.
Summary: Few at Oxford CID have met Mr. Innocent, but fewer still have the Chief Superintendent’s elder sister.  MI-5 Director Helen Cox’s untimely visit is a stern lesson in shutting doors before gossiping.
Author's Note: It's absurd. Take it in the spirits it's intended.

Read on Ao3

FIC: A Little More Conversation

Title: A Little More Conversation
Author: egalitarianmuse
Characters: Jean Innocent, James Hathaway
Rating: Everyone/G
Word count: ~2,880
Warnings: None.
Summary: Jean Innocent is now stationed in Suffolk. James Hathaway is having a wander and happens to wander her way. They have what may be the first in many friendly conversations.
Author’s Notes: I planned to complete at least two longer pieces, but life very much intervened. Hope you enjoy this moment in the life piece anyway.

Read on Ao3

Fic: Don't Grow Up Angry

Title: Don’t Grow Up Angry
Author: perclexed
Characters/Pairing: Zoe Suskin, Judith Suskin, James Hathaway
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1775
Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence
Additional tags: Episode s05e04 The Gift of Promise
Summary: She didn’t know what to do with all the emotion just roiling around inside her, so she shoved it aside. Pushed it down, smothered it so she could be there for her mum.

Here on AO3

Fic: Strength and Softeness by lucyemers

lucyemers is new to LJ and is having trouble figuring out how to post, so she asked me to post this on her behalf.

Author: lucyemers
Characters/Pairing:  Win Thursday/Dorothea Frazil; mentions of Morse, Sam, and Fred
Rating: T
Wordcount: 3,552
Warnings: "Neverland " spoilers; implied sexuality
Summary: "Days passed with no further statements from the station, and she found herself not worrying about the story, or lack thereof, but instead worrying about what she had said, “This poor woman staring down widowhood.” She ached for her. She had never met the woman. Never been married herself. Only really met the Inspector a few times, and yet she ached for her. She could find no real reason why, but there it was."

Read on AO3

Fic: In Vino Veritas

Title: In Vino Veritas (1557 words)
Author: Lullabymoon
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: General Audiences/G
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jean Innocent
Summary: The process of making a life changing decision.

Fic: Escape (Endeavour; Joan Thursday)

Title: Escape
Author: glim ( clockfraught)
Characters: Joan Thursday; Win Thursday, Sam Thursday
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~500w
Warnings: n/a
Notes: Ficlet; Character study; Spoilers for Endeavour s3.
Summary: She can't forget, not when she's decided that the only way to survive in this world is to leave.

Thank you to my beta reader and to the mods for running this fest ♥

Also posted to the AO3.

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Fic: Filling In the Blanks

Fic: Filling In the Blanks
Author: wendymr
Characters: Lyn Lewis, James Hathaway
Rating: G
Word Count: 3439
Summary: I’m coming down to Oxford next weekend to spend a few days with Dad. I was hoping you might be willing to meet me for coffee while I’m here – without Dad knowing.

On AO3: Filling In the Blanks

perclexed: thank you for the great prompt! This is for you - I hope you enjoy it.

Drabble: Down at the Blue Rondo

Title: Down at the Blue Rondo
Author: complexlight
Character: Lizzie Maddox
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 100

Read it on AO3

Notes:I really wanted to support the Women of the Morse Universe Fanwork Challenge, but it's coincided with a very busy time at work, including spending the last eight days working on another continent, so all I've been able to manage is this wee drabble, which explores some possible headcanon for a certain scene in Magnum Opus.

I think Lizzie Maddox has a lot of potential as a character, and I hope for a new "Hathaway" series, so we can get to know her better (as well as spend some time with the lovely James!)

Fic: The Chains of Command

So as I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to get my other planned things done in time, I thought I would go ahead and post this now as it is finished, and there seemed to be a noticeable gap in the schedule. (If I do manage to finish the others I'll probably post them on other "empty" days--as I was too busy tracking everyone else's posting date to ever  claim a date for myself.)

Author: oldmoviebuff76 (notmoreflippingelves on tumblr and AO3)
Characters/Pairing: Dame Grace Orde ( as played by Cherie Lunghi in Lewis "The Gift of Promise") ; Director Cox (as played by Rebecca Front in BBC/Hulu's The Wrong Mans); mentions of Jean Innocent
Rating:  T (mild sexual references)
Wordcount: 1056
Warnings: None
Summary: Former MI5 Director Dame Grace Orde ("The Gift of Promise") hands over the reigns to her successor Helen Cox. Crossover with BBC/Hulu's The Wrong Mans.

Read it on AO3
The  Women of the Morse Universe Fanwork Challenge posting begins this Sunday June 19th. Please consult these guidelines before posting and comment with any other questions you may have.

IMPORTANT: If you are not a member of the comm already, you will need to join to be granted posting access.
Q: When can I post my fanwork?
A: Posting period is 19-30 of June. If you have not already claimed your posting date, see here, and remember posting caps at 1 person/day--as we are a smaller group.
Q: Where can I post my fanwork?
A: Anywhere you like as long as you post here too with a link to the fanwork and provide appropriate header information.
Q: I want to post my fanwork directly to this community, not just link to it. Can I do that?
A: Yes. However, if you are posting directly to the community, please remember to place all fanworks under a cut. Things outside the cut should only include header information, and any teaser quotes/small graphics. Please exercise common sense and consideration and place any large items under a cut/behind a link. You can include up to three icons as a sample or a small thumbnail graphic as a teaser.
Q: I have more than one fanwork to post, what should I do?
A: You can make more than one post to the community as long as you do so during your dedicated posting date. Or you can use multiple
Q: How about that header information you mentioned?
Header information for fic:
Rating:  (The two systems typically used for fanfics are the MPAA (ex: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)  and Fiction Ratings (ex: K, K+, T, M, MA). Use either).
Warnings:( As per standard fandom practice, things that you must warn for include character death, rape/non-con, under-age sex, graphic violence, specific sexual kinks and anything else you think might be triggering/offensive/problematic. If you want to preserve the surprise, you can always hide the warning, see the textbox below for coding. Do not be an idiot and warn for slash or het as neither are things that need warning for and the 'Pairing'a information should tell the reader everything they need to know about that.)
Feel free to also include e.g. Genre (e.g. AU/case fic/romance/pwp), a standard disclaimer or any additional author notes.
Header information for non-fic fanworks:
Feel free to adapt the fic header to suit your needs. Warnings, if applicable, must be included.
Q: How do I hide a warning that is also a spoiler?
A: Use the coding in  found below (be sure to enter it in the HTML editor rather than the visual editor):

<spanstyle="color:#666;background-color:#666;" title="This is a warning that
is also a spoiler. Highlight to read.">YOUR SPOILER GOES HERE</span>

It will look like this if done properly.

Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to seeing everyone's work in the next two weeks! 
Although check-ins will still be open until June 15 for those of you who haven't checked in yet,  I am putting up the posting date claiming now to accommodate a participant who will be away  at the beginning of next week.

  • The schedule caps at 1 person per day.

  • Comment with your 1st and 2nd choice of dates.

  • Let us know if you have super special reasons why you can only do a certain date or none of the ones that are provided/still free. If anyone is truly desperate we can extend the posting window a little or see if someone is willing to trade dates.

  • If you are already finished, please consider picking an earlier date to leave the later dates for those who are still working on finishing their fanworks.

Further posting guidelines will be provided before posting starts.
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