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Welcome to Lewis Challenge, a community dedicated to running various fanwork challenges and exchanges for the Lewis fandom. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment here.

Under the cut below you will find a Masterlist of Masterlists for all our past challenges and exchanges.

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Fright Fest Sign-Ups Closed!


Thank you to everyone who signed up! We are looking forward to some FRIGHTENINGLY AMAZING fanworks from

Let the creating begin!


Fright Fest Sign-Ups closing tomorrow!


Dearest spirits, ghouls, and other denizens of the other realms!

This is to remind you that Lewis Fright Fest 2016 sign-ups CLOSE TOMORROW FRI 7TH OF OCT!

Have you signed up yet? If not, creep, float, scuttle and shimmer on over here to do so asap!

Yours in spine-tingling anticipation,


Fright Fest 2016 - prompt post

Lewis Fright Fest 2016: Prompt Post

Sign up for the challenge here

In comments of this post, leave prompts for the Lewis Fright Fest 2016.

  • Prompts can be short or detailed, and take any form you like.

  • Write the preferred fanwork type and pairing/characters in the subject line of the comment box. This makes it easier for people to find the type of prompts they might be interested in filling.

  • Provide warnings if you are discussing or linking to potentially triggery content.


Subject: Art, Hobson/Lewis
Prompt: Vampires and blood

Subject: Fic, Gen or Hathaway/Lewis, Warning: non-con, violence
Prompt: I would like fic where Hathaway is kidnapped and... *this is where I might go into detail about all the nasty, awful things I'd like to see done to Hathaway*


This post is solely to find inspiration or leave your unwanted plot bunnies and express your deepest fannish wishes. However, remember to keep all prompts to the theme!

What's the theme then? Anything Samhain/All Hallows' Eve/Halloween appropriate, so think horror, supernatural, fantasy, thriller, death, religion (old and new), anything otherworldly... So that fic about Lewis and Hathaway buying curtains together would not fit, unless the house they buy them for is haunted or they plan to use the curtains to wrap the bodies of their victims in... You get the picture :D

There is no need to 'reserve' a prompt for yourself (though feel free to comment on each other's prompts, the prompter will undoubtedly be thrilled to know if you're considering their idea or even agree that it's the best ever). More than one person can use the same prompt as inspiration. Similarly, no one is obligated to use the prompts here.

Play nice. There will be no mocking/insulting of each others' prompts/pairings or exclamations of disgust/horror. Your kinks are not everyone else's kinks and vice versa, be respectful. Or else.

Finally, have fun. There is no limit to how many prompts you can post so go wild, people!

Fright Fest 2016 - Sign-ups

Back by popular demand! Well, we felt the demand for it anyway... To observe Samhain/All Hallows' Eve/Halloween lewis_challenge is presenting a themed challenge!

What's the theme then? Anything Samhain/All Hallows' Eve/Halloween appropriate, so think horror, supernatural, fantasy, thriller, death, religion (old and new), anything otherworldly... So that fic about Lewis and Hathaway buying curtains together would not fit, unless the house they buy them for is haunted or they plan to use the curtains to wrap the bodies of their victims in... You get the picture :D

What kind of fanworks can I create? Anything at all! Fic, art, graphics, mixes, vids, crafts...

What's the minimum contribution? There isn't one! Create as little or lot as you want. The only rule is that it much fit the theme!

What kind of time limits are we talking about?
Sign-Ups: 3 Oct - 7 Oct 2016
Works must be ready and posted: During the three day period of Sun 30 of October to Tue 1 of November 2016.

Other Things:
Prompt post: We have set up one for people to post theme appropriate prompts or fannish wishes to provide inspiration.
Beta post: the existing beta post always accepts more people offering or requesting beta services, please feel free to use it.

And finally, HOW TO SIGN UP:
To sign-up for the Lewis Fright Fest 2016, please comment with the following information.

·        Name:

·        Contact email: We’ll only use this if you disappear and don’t comment on the ‘check-in’ posts closer to deadline

·        Creative output: i.e. What are you planning on doing: We would like at least some idea of what you're planning on. This could be as vague or as detailed as you'd like.

That's it. Easy as anything. Do consider signing-up and please pimp the challenge.

Fright or Not To Fright?


Dearest Lewis Fen,

It's about a month before Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows. Over the last few year's it's been a tradition to run a Lewis Fright Fest that invites you to create something thematically appropriate for the holiday(s). We would like to know if you are still interested in participating in that before we set things up. Thusly, a poll

Poll #2054581 Fright Fest?

Would you like to participate in Lewis Fright Fest this year?

Yes, sign me up!
No thanks

Please let us know whether it is worth running Fright Fest this year!


Summer Challenge - Masterlist 2016

The Lewis Summer Challenge 2016 produced a bounty of fanworks to enjoy. As is traditional, we have compiled a Masterlist of all the challenge entries so that you can catch up on any that you missed or revisit your favourite ones.

We have linked to the community entry, as people can then choose whether they wish to check out the entries on LJ or AO3.

Fanworks are listed by order of posting. Please see individual entries for pairing, rating, warnings and other information.
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We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all participants (and those who supported them through betas, feedback and cheerleading) for making Lewis Summer Challenge 2016 such a great experience. As always, modding challenges for the Lewis Fen is a pleasure so thank you all for being so awesome! If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment.

Fic: Art Appreciation

Title: Art Appreciation
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairings: James/Robbie
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~5400
Warnings: None


“What’s that, then? We have a new case?” Robbie bends down, bracing his forearm on the back of James’s chair to lean in close and peer at the computer screen. The scent of early morning James—coffee, cigarette smoke, croissant—washes over him.

“They’re bronze statues. A research team at Cambridge believes they’re by Michelangelo.” James scrolls back up through the story, past the couple of small photos to a large photo of two statues. “He’s the artist who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,” he adds.

“I may not have the benefit of a Cambridge education, Inspector,” Robbie responds testily, “but I know who Michelangelo is.”

James tilts his big head back and grins up at Robbie. Even partially upside down, his expression is cheeky, bluegreen eyes crackling with mischief.

Read on AO3

Read on LJ

Fic: Frisson

Title: Frisson
Author pushkin666
Word count: 100 x 4
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Robbie Lewis/Val Lewis, Robbie Lewis/James Hathaway
Warning: BDSM
Summary: Lewis is a subtle dom.

Author Notes: Written for kat_lair

Read on LJ or Read on AO3

Fic: All Who Suffer From The Heart

Title: All Who Suffer From The Heart
Author: complexlight
Characters: Robbie Lewis & James Hathaway
Wordcount: 6,088
Rating: Teen
Genre: Vampire AU
Warnings: Some blood, as to be expected in a vampire AU, but it's not excessive. One possible trigger moment, warning for which would be a significant spoiler, so there's a warning about it in the notes at the end of the fic, for those who want to know.

Summary: Even seemingly catastrophic experiences can be transformed by another person's kindness . . .

“Though sympathy alone can't alter facts, it can help to make them more bearable.”
― Dracula, Bram Stoker

Thanks to lindenharp, for her encouraging and helpful feedback. As ever, all muddles and misplaced punctuation are mine and mine alone.

Thanks to MistressKat and Pushkin666 for continuing to organise the Lewis Challenges - you play such an important role in encouraging creativity in the Lewis fandom - this one's for you :-).

Read on AO3 . . .

Fatherly love?

I'm sorry this is late, and unfinished, I'll try to post all the chapters before the end of posting dates. I really should not have tried to do both an artwork and a story.

Title: Fatherly love?
Author: Guinevere81
Characters/Pairing:none but you can add slash goggles if you like.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Abuse past and present, oh and there is nudity.
Summary: Once Robbie and Laura leave for New Zealand the fragile relationships James has started to build with his family begin to crumble. How long will it take before Robbie realises and what will he do about it?


Fic: Mirror, Mirror

Title: Mirror, Mirror
Characters/Pairing: Hathaway/Lewis
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 8783
Summary: “Sir,” Hathaway’s voice seemed faint, “as much as I’d like to be an inspector, I have no desire to climb over your dead body to do so.” Hathaway’s hand grasped his shoulder, sliding up to the juncture of his neck and shoulder, his thumb brushing against Robbie’s collarbone. His voice was soft, gentle: “Are you all right?”

Note: Commemorating Fifty Years of Star Trek (September 8, 1966). Based on the Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror"

On Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7992490

Fic: Hard Knox (Summer Challenge 2016)

Fic: Hard Knox
Author: wendymr
Characters: James Hathaway, Robbie Lewis, Former DI Knox
Length: 4200
Rated: G
Summary: “Heard your ex-boss might be on his way back.”

Many, many thanks to Owlbsurfinbird for her very kind and insightful BRing and for suggestions I've used. Also thanks to Sasha1600 for an idea she gave me in IM which was just too good to resist.

Hard Knox on AO3

fic: Away with the Faeries

Title: Away with the Faeries
Author: Lindenharp
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy AU
Wordcount: 10,000
Warnings: Murder of a child mentioned (no graphic violence)
Summary: James Hathaway is having a very strange week.
Author's note: Enormous thanks to my betas, wendymr and complexlight

At Ao3
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Never posted a picture before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Fingers crossed.

I'm sorry this isn't exactly a masterpiece, I was a lot happier with the pictures I have done of Laurence as himself, but I got to a point where improvements were turning into just more lead on paper and weren't really helping at all and I didn't have the time to start over from scratch.

Hello, Lewis Mods here, posting on behalf of moth2fic who has internet issues on account of Portugal. AO3 link will appear once she is back to reliable service. In the meanwhile, enjoy the story here.


Title: The Case of the Wizard’s Will
Author: moth2fic
Fandom: Lewis (and Harry Potter). (written for the Lewis summer challenge 2016)
Rating: Not rated
Warnings: Creator chose not to use warnings
Wordcount: 10,300

Author’s notes:
This is a new story in the series The Malfoy Connection. It should stand alone but you might want to see the first story in the series if you’re confused. Basically, it’s a crossover where James was deprived of a Hogwarts education by his father but is now in touch with his cousin Draco Malfoy, and is also in a relationship with Lewis. The ratings and warnings are my default. Obviously there are deaths – this is a cop series, after all – and there is mention of sex. Nothing triggering that I can imagine but I like to stay safe! If anyone wants to remove the sex scenes to make this safe for kids to read, feel free!

Many thanks to margaret_r for the brilliant beta, and to our wonderful mods for taking this off my hands whilst I’m stuck with iffy internet in the Portuguese mountains.

The grandchildren of a wizard seem likely to lose their inheritance, and turn to the aurors for help. They are in turn told to rely on the Oxford police as it is possible that their grandfather’s death was not related to magic. There are owls, magic users and the backdrop of a beautiful city.

On AO3

The Case of the Wizard’s Will - Part 1/2Collapse )

Part 2/2


Fic: First Night

Title: First Night
Author: butterflyslinky
Characters/Pairing: Lewis+Hathaway (pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1208
Warnings: Alcohol abuse, mentioned child death
Summary: James always has to live through the first night.

First Night (on Ao3)

fic: Twenty-Six Point Eight Percent

Title: Twenty-Six Point Eight Percent
Author: greenapricot
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway, Robbie Lewis
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 3360
Warnings: description of attempted suicide, mentions of suicide, reference to past child abuse

Summary: The quiet of the streets does nothing to ease the tempest in his head.

A/N: A coda for both Dark Matter and The Dead of Winter. Inspired by guinevere_81's prompt.

Twenty-Six Point Eight Percent on Ao3


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