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Fic: Father James

Finally I've managed to do something for the challenge.  Please don't judge too harshly, time (and life) has not been on my side!

Title: Father James
Pairing: none
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 4641
Warnings: none

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Fic: Night Watch

Title: Night Watch
Author: divingforstones
Pairing: James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 9,454
Warnings: None apply.
Author's note: Thanks to wendymr for such helpful, honest and kind beta work. Thanks to lindenharp for supplying a very helpful description of Robbie Lewis cursing in his native vernacular.
“I’m reporting you to Innocent for insubordination. First thing Monday morning. I’ll have you transferred.”
“On what grounds, sir?” James asks, sounding interested rather than chastened, the cheeky sod.
“Failure to obey a direct order.”
“She’ll definitely want to know what the direct order was, then,” James says agreeably.
And Robbie sees the quandary. I tried to kick Sergeant Hathaway out of me bedroom in the early hours of Saturday morning, ma’am, and he just wouldn’t go…”

Over the course of one long hot summer's night, James Hathaway takes on the rather self-appointed task of carrying out orientation checks on an unappreciative Robbie Lewis.

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Fic: Ghost Man


Title: Ghost Man
Author: Mistress Kat / kat_lair
Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Pre-Hathaway/Lewis
Genre: Dragon!AU, case fic
Rating: R
Warnings: Fairly graphic descriptions of violence and threat of violence (including implied sexual violence)
Word count: 11,438
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.

Summary: “Do you see now?” the man asks.There’s spittle on his chin and he smells like someone who has spent last week drinking instead of showering but his eye are surprisingly clear and corn-flower blue. “Now that you have it, can you see?”

Author notes: Written for the lewis_challenge Summer Challenge 2014, this is the next instalment of ‘Dream of Dragons’ ‘verse, the previous parts of which can be found via my LJ Fic Masterlist or via AO3. I promise this will make more sense if you read those first. The title is a translation of Cantonese term ‘Gwai Lo’, used in Hong Kong to refer to pale skinned Northern Europeans, derogatory at one time but not considered so any more (or so the Internet tells me…). Please see the end for a further note re language. Finally, many thanks to thesmallhobbit for an excellent and thorough last minute beta without which many a preposition would be wrong.

Ghost Man


Fic: Policeman's Holiday

Here's my entry for the challenge:

Title: Holiday
Pairing: Lewis&Hathaway with a hint of Lewis/Hathaway possible in the future
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 7534
Warnings: Some discussion of one canonical death
Summary: At the point where James has reached the ropes end with working for DI Knox he takes a tropical holiday…

This started with zellieh's prompt: Close-canon AU. Pre-series, James Hathaway takes a holiday to the British Virgin Islands, and meets Robbie Lewis for the first time there. I've posted it early but on the right day for my time zone :)

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Fic: Every Colour Illuminates

Title: Every Colour Illuminates
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: G
Words: 300
Warnings: soulmate au
Summary: Drabble collection based on this tumblr text post: "Au where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate. ADDITIONALLY: when your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white."

The moment of finding your soulmate is the subject of many stories and songs, and it was something that Hathaway had never thought would happen to him. The last thing he expected when picking up the new Detective Inspector is for the world to burst into colour all around him. Lewis has seen in black and white for a long time. So long that he hadn't noticed colours slowly creeping back into his vision.

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fic: Holiday

Title: Holiday
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: G
Words: ~5500
Warnings: None
Summary: Robbie's going on holiday, and James finds himself there too. Inspired by a prompt from firthivated
Notes: Big Thank you to thesmallhobbit for beta, britpick, and suggestions

Read on A03

Fic: The Rain it raineth

Posting on behalf of tetsubinatu who is having some tech issues.

Title The rain it raineth
Author: Tetsubinatu
Characters: Hathaway, Lewis
Rating: PG for bad language
Wordcount: ~1,100
Warnings: offscreen bullying, fostercare
Summary: After the murder is solved, that is not always the end of the matter.
Author's notes: Sorry I'm a smidge late. Thanks to Somniare for her assistance with canon.

Read on AO3

Summer Challenge Fic: A Joy Forever

Title: A Joy Forever
Author: chiralove
Characters/Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4k-ish
Warnings: character death (nothing worse than you’d get in an episode)
Summary: Lewis helps him strip the skin-tight leather gloves off without soiling his coat, and that’s enough to make James indulge in a quick internal grin. There’s no storm blown through the world yet that didn’t blow some wind through the turbines, as his gran used to say.
Author’s note: A complete AU, because I rather fancied the idea of playing with the characters in a steampunk universe. Apologies for any “anachronisms” -- a few of the quotes, I know, don’t belong here -- except that they do.

A Joy Forever

Fic: To Everything There Is A Season

Title: To Everything There Is A Season
Author: loves_books
Characters/Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: Teen, just to be on the safe side
Wordcount: 4669
Warnings: No warnings apply
Summary: Four seasons, four gardens, two men and how much life can change in the course of one single year.
Author notes: Written for skyebabycat who asked for a story set in a garden. Hopefully this is different enough from the lovely story already written and posted by thesmallhobbit for the same prompt - any similarities are not deliberate, and I’m afraid I didn’t feel I had enough time to write a different story. Please do let me know if I've caused any offense or upset.

Huge thanks to my two wonderful beta readers, witch9spring and chiralove – any remaining mistakes are my fault entirely.

At AO3

On my LJ

Fic: Not Quite Twenty-Four

Title: Not Quite Twenty-Four
Author: fortesomniare
Characters/Pairing: Robert Lewis, James Hathaway, Laura Hobson, Jean Innocent, Ellen Jacoby, Mr Innocent
Rating: PG/Teen
Wordcount: ~9,400
Warnings: No warnings apply
Summary: James Hathaway hit the alarm and swore; he'd meant to hit the snooze button.  Now he'd have to get up or risk oversleeping.  He always struggled to get started on the first day after handing a case to CPS and today wasn't going to be an exception.

With thanks to thesmallhobbit for beta and Brit-pick.  I have tweaked and played with the story since it's return and all errors are mine.  (If you see any glaring errors, please PM me here. Cheers, Som.)

On AO3
The Way of St. James (1088 words) by valancy_joy
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lewis (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: James Hathaway, Robert Lewis
Additional Tags: Awkward Conversations, Lewis Summer Challenge 2014, Friendship, Summer Vacation

He knows it’ll be long and dusty, and as far from any kind of a vacation Lewis or any of the others back at the nick could ever imagine ... but he still wants it.

Summer Challenge Fic: Pas de Deux

Title: Pas de Deux
Author: skyebabycat on LJ...Willowbrooke on AO3
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis
Rating: Teen/Mature
Wordcount: 4,295
Warnings: None
Summary: This is a series of five interactions, or 'dances,' that take place during the course of a single day between James Hathaway and Robbie Lewis.

'Above and beyond' thanks to lamardeuse for the multiple re-reads, constructive critique, valuable suggestions and positive encouragement, particularly on the final chapter.

Pas de Deux on AO3

Summer Challenge: Icons

With grateful appreciation to barcardivodka for kindly allowing me to use the wonderful photos she took this spring/summer during the filming of the new season of Lewis in Oxford.

Icons are here
Podfic recorded by venturous1

Title: Mnemonic   (link to fic)
Characters: Robert Lewis, James Hathaway, Jean Innocent, OC
Rating: Gen
Warnings: none, other than my lack of proper accents
Summary: this story is part one of the Magical Incident Team series by paperscribe, a delightful magical realism series. I highly recommend reading it, but if you are patient I intend to record more of this charming series. What's not to love about a magical James?

Link to AO3
Title: The Case of the Assassinated Aunt.
Author: moth2fic
Characters/Pairing: Inspector Lewis/Sergeant Hathaway
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 11,919
Warnings: Crossover with Harry Potter

Summary: Sergeant Hathaway's cousin, Draco Malfoy, asks him for police help solving a case of too many deaths in the wizarding world. Inspector Robbie Lewis, who is in a new relationship with James, does not yet know about magic.

Author’s note: Written for the Lewis Summer Challenge
This is a sequel to The Case of the Disappearing Don which was written for the Valentine's Weekend Love Spectacular and was in response to a prompt by tetsubinatu. My brain clearly took this entire idea and ran with it. Reading the first fic would probably help in making sense of this one.

The icon was made by me specifically for the fic but you are welcome to use it (with credit, of course).

Many thanks to Fictionwriter for a fantastic beta!

Series title: The Malfoy Connection.

Story on AO3

9th Aug, 2014

Title: The Cambridge Tales (A Series)
Author: owlbsurfinbird
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway, Original Characters; James Hathaway & Robert Lewis
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 9700 total (10 ficlets roughly 1000 words each)
Warnings: None (but see overly cautious tags)
Summary: At Cambridge, James Hathaway embarks on a summer job guiding punting tours on the River Cam. He lasts eight days.

Many thanks to thesmallhobbit for suggestions, Brit-pick, and beta-read.

The Cambridge Tales on AO3
Title: Circumstantial Evidence
Author: wendymr
Characters/Pairing: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway, Lyn Lewis
Rating: All Ages
Wordcount: 8000 words
Warnings: None
Summary: You and Dad. I’m not stupid, James. I can add two and two and make four."

Written to a somewhat-adapted prompt by lindenharp; the prompt is at the end of the fic. With grateful appreciation to divingforstones for BRing.

Circumstantial Evidence on AO3

Fic: To Thaw the Frost of Years

Title: To Thaw the Frost of Years
Author: complexlight
Characters: Robbie Lewis & James Hathaway
Wordcount: 12,391
Rating: PG
Genre: Vampire AU
Warnings: Nothing beyond reference to murder and death consistent with the show.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no profit, I intend no harm
Summary: All lives are better for some warmth . . .

Heartfelt thanks to divingforstones and lindenharp, who between them have offered me support, encouragement, first class beta-ing and several very useful suggestions. As ever, all muddles and misplaced punctuation are mine and mine alone.

At AO3

Fic: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Title: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Author: thesmallhobbit
Characters/Pairing: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway, Laura Hobson, Jean Innocent
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 5,328
Warnings: None.  There's a dead body, but that's hardly unusual.
Summary: The whole garden had an air of tranquillity, or it would have had it not been for the dead body under the rose bush.
Case fic.  Many thanks to fortesomniare for her beta work.  Based on a prompt by skyebabycat who suggested a fic based in a garden.

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Fic: Affectionate

Title: Affectionate
Author: paperscribe
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis
Rating: T
Wordcount: 1019
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Summary: It's a good party, and everyone is drinking a bit more than he should, Robbie included.


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