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Lewis Roulette - Masterlist

The below is a chronological list of all the fanworks posted for the 2015 Lewis Roulette - please see the individual posts for ratings, warnings and prompt details. Links are to the entries. A few of the entries are locked to members only, so you will need to be a member to view those.

We would both like to thank everybody for creating such amazing works and making the inaugural Lewis Roulette so successful. We honestly cannot believe how many fanworks were created for this :D

Fic/Icons Keeping Secrets by fortesomnaire

Fic Welcome to the Cheap Seat by barcardivodka

Fic The Love Poems of James Hathaway by thesmallhobbit

Fic So Cold by paperscribe

Fic: Foreplay by paperscribe

Fic: In a Hopeless Place by paperscribe

Fic: Touch by paperscribe

Fic: The Valkyrie by thesmallhobbit

Fic: Breathless by loves_books

Fic: Roses are red, Violets are blue, Hathaways’ Heart once got Broken in Two by majordaiko

Fic: "Keep Moving" by hathaway01

Fic: Explosion, Implosion by chiralove

Fic: Ohrwurm Pt 1 - Listen to the Warm by lyricaxxx
Fic: Ohrwurm Pt 2 - Soft and Steady Singing by lyricaxxx

Fic: Take Manhattan by margaret_r

Fic: Keeping Watch by sarren

Fic: The Devil Went Down to Soho by asparagusmama (babyklingon)

Fic: A Whole New World by toomerrymaiden

Fic: Hands Up by toomerrymaiden

Fic: Dance With Me by owlbsurfinbird

Fic: You Are ... by owlbsurfinbird

Fic: What's Love Got To Do With It? by asparagusmama

Fic: Changes and Chances by loves_books

Fic: Just Breathe by uniquepov

Fic: I've Found My Way by perclexed

Fic: Content with Silence by perclexed

Fic: Us by skyebabycat

Fic: How I Got Here by luvsbitca

Fic: One Man's Noise by lyricaxxx

Fic: When we both use the same toothpaste by admiralandrea

Fic: The Things I Deserve by emeraldsword

Fic: A Love Restrained by tinzelda

Fic: Kiss Me 'til You're Drunk by tinzelda

Fic: Resurrection by fabrisse

Fic: This Above All Things by goddessdster

Fic: Toast by xfdryad

Fic: On the Road to Golgotha, I stopped to Pick a Flower by xfdryad

Fic: Giving love a great name by hab318princess

Fic: Finishing Off by hab318princess

Fic: Chasing Pavements by wendymr

Fic: Amongst the Lilies and by the Brook (Be Exactly Who You Are) by chiralove

Fic: Mercedes Benz by faeriefeller

Fic: Choices by fabrisse

Fic: Nightmares by uniquepov

Fic: The Collier Lad by owlbsurfinbird

Fic: Red 12 by kendermouse

Fic: Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love? by luthien


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