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*shakes gift sack*


As you probably realised, alas it is now empty! All the gifts for the Lewis Secret Santa 2016 have been posted so it is time to thank everyone who participated: authors, beta-readers, pinch-hitters, cheerleaders, readers... Without you Lewis Secret Santa would not be possible! As always, our heartfelt thanks for your continued enthusiasm and participation! We honestly thought it wasn't going to happen this year so we're glad it did.

We will be compiling a Masterlist of all the gifts over the next few days. This, when posted, will also include all the author names so a grand reveal of Secret Santa identities is almost here! This therefore is your last chance to speculate, hypothesise, guess and ponder on the identity of the creators. Feel free to use the comment space here to do so!




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1st Jan, 2017 23:39 (UTC)
I'm utterly rubbish at guessing authors, so I'm afraid I'm not going to be brave enough to share my suspicions publicly, even though I have a faint inkling that I know who wrote my wonderful gift! But I would like to say thank you to everyone who took part, and a huge thank you also to the mods for running the exchange again - fewer stories this year, yes, but all of them were really good stories.

Happy new year everyone!
LB x
2nd Jan, 2017 01:15 (UTC)

I am really enjoying reading all the stories but have no clue who wrote what.

2nd Jan, 2017 12:57 (UTC)
Thanks for running another challenge - happy new year to you both!
2nd Jan, 2017 20:41 (UTC)
Thanks to the mods again for organising Secret Santa. This is my favourite challenge of the year and I'm glad to have been able to participate. And of course thanks also to all the authors who took part :)

I only have one guess this year: I think DTF was written by lyricaxxx.
2nd Jan, 2017 23:12 (UTC)
Thanks for running it, mods!

This is an exchange I always look forward to, but my personal life has been in such turmoil these past 2 years that it's been impossible to find the headspace to participate. Now that things are a bit more settled (although my computer is still in a box somewhere) it was good to be pushed into writing again. I think I want a computer before the next exchange though - writing on a tablet is rather laborious!

I'm a terrible guesser, sorry!
3rd Jan, 2017 02:58 (UTC)
I'm rubbish at guessing, so I won't even try, but I was so very glad that Secret Santa happened. 2016 has been a really bad year for me emotionally, and it was a gift to be able to participate and to end the year on a high note.

Thanks so much to the mods and to the writers. I enjoyed all the stories so much. (Not commenting on stories at this point, tho, for fear of giving away which one I wrote. I'm also rubbish at disguising myself. {g})

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 and many more Lewis Challenges!

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6th Jan, 2017 00:13 (UTC)
guessing poll
hmm - without any rhyme reason or research, these are my guesses .... (I'd honestly be happy to get one right!)

Wendymr - Curious geese in the daytime

loves books - DTF

guinevere81 - ramblings

tetsubinatu - if you can't say it

dawnebeth -Venting...

xfdryad = reasons

lyricaxxx - wise man
13th Jan, 2017 21:07 (UTC)
When will the authors be revealed? Very interested to find out who wrote my great story.
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