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Lewis Summer Challenge 2012 - Masterlist

The Lewis Summer Challenge 2012 produced a bounty of fics and other fanworks to enjoy and just in case you missed any, or want to revisit your favourites, we have have compiled a Masterlist of all the challenge entries.

We have used LJ links except when the LJ post is locked, in which case we used the AO3 one which many of you also provided. If you would prefer another link to be used for the Masterlist, please comment and we'll change it.

Fanworks are listed by order of posting, under the two broad categoris of fics and other fanworks. Please see individual entries for pairing, rating, warnings and other information.


Who Else Would understand... by paleom

Winds of Change by fortesomniare

Succour by fortesomniare

Mastermind by lindenharp

Keep the Key by eretria

The Key To Change by pushkin666

Inspector, Sergeant by dracofiend

In Peace, Such War by valancy_joy

Purr-fect by valancy_joy

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off by garonne

Snow After Fire by kat_lair

Virtually Yours by lamardeuse

Nerves by elesecks

The benefits of modern dentistry by cactusonastair

Suspect by wendymr

To Whom I'm Bound by niki_chidon

Raisons by tetsubinatu

Blind Idiots by sarren

Other Fanworks

Watching You Sleep by venturous1 (art)

Animated Lewis Icons by enednoviel (icons)

Don't Carry It All by bistokidsfan77 (vid)

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all participants (and those who supported them through betas, feedback and cheerleading) for making Lewis Summer Challenge 2012 such a successful venture. We have enjoyed the experience and hope that you have too. As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment.

Looking ahead... lewis_challenge and we are having a little breather now for a few weeks. However, there is always something to look forward to here. Secret Santa 2012 sign-ups will go up in October so do keep an eye out for that next month.


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8th Oct, 2012 12:52 (UTC)
Hi, thanks for letting us know now what was going on. Moving houses can be a pain (still waiting for internet at my new place...)

You are welcome to participate in the Secret Santa challenge (details going up soon!). We'll only start excluding people if they get into regular habit of dropping out so you're still good!
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