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Lewis Fright Fest 2013 - Masterlist


We believe that it is fair to call the first Lewis Fright Fest a spooktastic success, and it was thrilling to see the darker and scarier side of Lewis. As is traditional, we have have compiled a Masterlist of all the challenge entries so that you can catch up on any that you missed or revisit your favourite ones.

We have used the links provided in the posts. If both LJ and AO3 links are given, we've gone with the latter as that seems to be most people's preferred platform at the moment.

 Please see individual entries for characters, pairings, rating, warnings and other information.

Twist of Fate by fortesomniare

Sad Intangibles by complexlight

The Real Hallowe'en bythesmallhobbit

When Shall We Three Meet Again by thesmallhobbit

Unexpected by thesmallhobbit

Crève-coeur by valancy_joy

One in Wolf-Skin by paperscribe

For The Increase of Charity by toomerrymaiden

The Wave Breaking by paperscribe

Bump in the Night by margaret_r

is not the past all shadow by kat_lair

The Compaynys of Beestys and Fowlys by uniquepov

Body of Evidence by deinonychus_1

But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day by chiralove

And the Dead Shall Outnumber the Living by seren_bach

Things that Go Bump in the Night by sasha1600

Stakeout by pushkin666

In Dreams by wendymr

The Voice of Darkness by lindenharp

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all participants (and those who supported them through betas, feedback and cheerleading) for making Lewis Fright Fest 2013 such a great challenge. As always, modding challenges for the Lewis Fen is a pleasure so thank you all for being so awesome! If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment.

So we're looking forward to Lewis Secret Santa. We'll be doing a check in on 30th November to see how everybody is going.



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17th Nov, 2013 10:29 (UTC)
I really enjoyed doing this challenge and reading all the entries. Thank you so much for running it. :-)
19th Nov, 2013 13:24 (UTC)
You're welcome. This was definitely fun to run and I suspect it will happen again next year (she says without consulting her fellow-mod *g*)

18th Nov, 2013 11:51 (UTC)
I have *finally* managed to catch up with reading them all! Great fest, so much good fic. Thanks for running it.
19th Nov, 2013 13:25 (UTC)
Thank you, and everybody else for joining in. I'm still reading through the fic, but thoroughly enjoying what I've read so far.

We'll hopefully be running this again next year.
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