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Summer Challenge - Masterlist

The Lewis Summer Challenge 2014 produced a bounty of fics and other fanworks to enjoy. As is traditional, we have compiled a Masterlist of all the challenge entries so that you can catch up on any that you missed or revisit your favourite ones.

We have linked to the community entry, as people can then choose whether they wish to check out the entries on LJ or AO3.

Fanworks are listed by order of posting, under the two broad categoris of fics and other fanworks. Please see individual entries for pairing, rating, warnings and other information.


Affectionate by paperscribe

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by thesmallhobbit

To Thaw the Frost of Years by complexlight

Circumstantial Evidence by wendymr

The Cambridge Tales by owlbsurfinbird

Case of the Assassinated Aunt by moth2fic

Pas de Deux by skyebabycat

The Way of St. James by valancy_joy

Not Quite Twenty-Four by fortesomniare

To Everything There Is A Season by love_books

A Joy Forever by chiralove

The Rain it raineth by tetsubinatu

Holiday by frayedlight/

Every Colour Illuminates by seren_bach

Policeman's Holiday by toomerrymaiden

Ghost Man by kat_lair

Night Watch by divingforstones

Father James by pandabob1

A Fine Summer's Day by xfdryad


Icons by skyebabycat

podfic of Mnemonic by venturous1


We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all participants (and those who supported them through betas, feedback and cheerleading) for making Lewis Summer Challenge 2014 such a great experience. As always, modding challenges for the Lewis Fen is a pleasure so thank you all for being so awesome! If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment.

Looking ahead... lewis_challenge and we are having a little breather now for a few weeks. However, there is always something to look forward to here. This year we are planning a weekend Frightfest at Halloween so keep an eye out for further information over the coming weeks. And don't forget that it's less than four months to Christmas and thus Secret Santa 2014 sign-ups are also just around the corner...


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7th Sep, 2014 20:21 (UTC)
As always, this was a fantastic Challenge! Thank you both, kat_lair and pushkin666 for all your hard work to make this happen. Yes, all the authors and BRs and artists made this a success, but this would not have happened without you.

*stands and applauds*
7th Sep, 2014 20:30 (UTC)
Aww thank you very much. To be honest running challenges for the Lewis Fen is a joy because there really aren't any issues , and we get great fanworks at the end of it. :)
7th Sep, 2014 23:59 (UTC)
Yes, thanks pushkin666! And thank you to everyone who has been posting to this challenge - every day was just a bit brighter thanks to you.

I probably won't be able to participate in the next couple of challenges as I have a lot going on including a big move, but I will certainly keep reading! See you around. :)
10th Sep, 2014 11:23 (UTC)
I'm still reading through the stories :) Which is nice.

Nods, completely understand on not participating in the next couple of challenges - I was meant to participate in this one and honestly I just could not challenge either Lewis or Hathaway!
8th Sep, 2014 02:47 (UTC)
Oh god, I've missed so many of these!

But now I get to savor them over the next few weeks until the show comes back - hee!
10th Sep, 2014 11:24 (UTC)
Go read. Seriously there are some really good fics :)

I can't wait for the new series either. I've been watching all the repeats on the Alibi channel recently!
8th Sep, 2014 13:33 (UTC)
Just wanted to second (or third/fourth even) the comments here. I've never been brave enough to take part in the challenges because my muse has a habit of shutting up shop when I have a deadline.
But its been a joy to read all these excellent stories and fanworks over the past weeks. And I'd like to say thank you to all the participants and the mods for making them and keeping it running :)
10th Sep, 2014 11:25 (UTC)
You are very welcome. We thoroughly enjoy hosting these challenges, and people reading and leaving feedback, is just as important :)

8th Sep, 2014 15:27 (UTC)
I am not a writing / creative participant, only a reading participant (very eager, though) and as such I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU to the mods who organize it all so well and to the Authors who have brought me so much joy and happiness. Thank you so much and I can simply hope you will continue writing / podficing / making icon / vids. You are all quite amazing.
10th Sep, 2014 11:25 (UTC)
Thank you for the feedback. It's always a joy to host these, and there's nothing wrong with being a reading participant. We need those :)
8th Sep, 2014 19:52 (UTC)
Many thanks to both of you. The first place online that I discovered Lewis fanfic existed was Lewis Challenge Community and the wonderful archives there (and I first joined LJ to comment on last years Secret Santa fandom works). It's such a supportive, friendly, motivating community and it's certainly a pleasure being able to join in the actual challenges now. And having a lovely flow of fanworks to enjoy over the past while :D It's much appreciated.
10th Sep, 2014 11:27 (UTC)
Aw thank you about the comments on the community, and thank you for participating in the challenge. We try to keep the comm a very friendly place, and we thoroughly enjoy hosting the challenges because you know, it means we get to see more fanworks :)

9th Sep, 2014 21:35 (UTC)
I'd like to chime in and add my thanks to both mods for taking the time and energy to organise this challenge! It's the first time I've participated and you both helped to make it go so smoothly. I'm sure I'll be joining in again in the future. :)
10th Sep, 2014 11:27 (UTC)
Thank you from both of us, and thank you for participating. It's always good to see new blood :) Hope you do join in the future challengs - the Fright Fest is a fun one.
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