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Summer Challenge 2018... with an optional twist!


Hello everyone! This to alert you to the fact that we are running Lewis Summer Challenge 2018 only on Dreamwidth this year as previously indicated. You must have a DW account in order to participate.

Please go here to sign-up.

The rules are the same as before, but this time with an Optional Twist (more on this below!)

Minimum Output: Signing up to the Lewis Summer Challenge 2017 would mean that you agree to produce at least one of the following:

  • Longer fics - 1,000 words

  • Ficlets - 2 ficlets (ficlet = anything between 100 and 999 words)

  • Drabble series - 3 drabbles (drabble = 100 words)

  • Icon set - 6 icons

  • Larger graphics (headers, banners, wallpapers) - 1 graphic

  • Fanmix - 10 songs

  • Videos - 1 minute

  • Other forms of fannish creativity are welcome, let us know what you’re planning.

Time Limits:

  • Sign-Ups: 5-31 May 2018

  • Posting Starts: 1 August 2018

  • Posting Ends: when we've run out of things to post

To sign-up for the Lewis Summer Challenge 2018, please comment with the following information:

  • Name:

  • Contact email: We’ll only use this if you disappear and don’t comment on the ‘check-in’ posts closer to deadline

  • Creative output: i.e. What are you planning on doing: We would like at least some idea of what you're planning on. This could be as vague or as detailed as you'd like, e.g. 'fic, at least ficlets but may turn into an epic' or 'painting a nude portrait of Hathaway in oil colours' or 'interactive multimedia project about Oxford as a character in Lewis.

Optional Twist, new for Summer 2018!

  • A lot of people enjoy the 'create whatever you want' freedonm of the Summer Challenge, but this year we wanted to offer some additional inspiration to those who might want it.

  • So, if you include the words 'Optional Twist' in your sign-up, you will receive from your Mods three summery prompts: a summery concept/word/phrase, a summery picture, and a summery song!

  • These prompts are to inspire and there is no obligation to use any or all, although if you manage it, we'll be suitable impressed.

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Gifts Posted


All exchange gifts have now been posted over at https://lewis-challenge.dreamwidth.org/. Thank you for everyone for such winter bounty! I know it sure has made my February better...

We will be posting masterlist with author details in a few days but wanted to give you an opportunity to catch up with reading and commenting for the rest of the week. Remember to leave the authors lots of love!

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Winter Exchange - Check-in post

Hello everyone!

The New Year is now with us, and with it the posting of Winter Exchange creations. We thought it was an appropriate time to check in with our participants to see how everyone is doing.


As you know we have planned to start posting from 1 February onwards. Your creations will need to be sent to us using the lewismod email address by 28 January to enable us to post them on the comm.


We will post further about formatting guidelines.


Every person who has signed up please check in and let us know that you will be able to complete in time, as we need to know whether or not we need to assign pinch-hitters.

Can you please check in by email using the lewismod email address.
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Lewis Secret Winter Exchange 2017 Sign-Up Post


Before signing-up, please make sure you have read the Lewis Secret Winter Exchange Q&A first.

To sign-up, email us with the below information. We will email you back to acknowledge your entry.


***PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ENTRY TO lewismod@hotmail.co.uk****

Let us know if you want us to use an alternative email to the one you're sending your entry from.

I would like to receive: Please provide as much detail and options as possible here about what type of Secret Exchange gift you would like to receive. For example, characters, pairings, genres, types of fanwork, any specific prompts etc. See below for 'good' and 'bad' examples of how to fill out this bit.

I would NOT like to receive: Please provide details here about what you would NOT want to receive, for example any squicks or pairings you don't like. See below for 'good' and 'bad' examples of how to fill out this bit.

I am willing to create: Please provide as much detail and options as possible here about what type of Secret Exchange gift you are willing to create. For example, characters, pairings, genres, types of fanwork, any specific prompts etc. See below for 'good' and 'bad' examples of how to fill out this bit.

I will NOT create: Please provide details here about what you will NOT create, for example any squicks, pairings you don't like, or other limitations. See below for 'good' and 'bad' examples of how to fill out this bit.

Are you willing to act as a pinch-hitter? I.e. are you willing to step in to create an additional fanwork if someone has to drop out of the Exchange? We're hoping that all participants will receive something so you can help make this happen.


Providing details of what you want to and don't want to receive:

Don't be too vague or too narrow in your requests. Provide as much options as you can. If you say 'I would like some fic, anything is fine' then you are forfeiting the right to complain if you happen to receive a fic with e.g. a theme or pairing you don't like.

Good examples:
I would like fic, Lewis/Hobson if at all possible but Gen is also good. I like romance, humour and happy endings. Case fic would also be awesome. I really love the 'pretending to be married' cliche so would be over the moon if you can incorporate it. I'm also happy with any graphics or e.g. a fanmix, again Lewis/Hobson preferred, but Gen ones are also great. I like classical music and colours green and blue so something with those would be cool.

I'm not too keen on m/m or f/f slash so not that please. I don't like heavy kink or graphic violence (some violence is okay, like if you have a murder in the case fic, but not too many details please). I don't really get videos so wouldn't know how to appreciate it. Oh, and I hate techno music so none of that on fanmix please.

Bad examples:
Too vague: I want some art/Fic please/Slash only/Anything goes (you can put this last option but must be prepared to accept literally anything then).

Too dictatorial: I would like a fic where Lewis and Hathaway live on the moon and adopt space monkeys and then there's civil war and it should all provide some in-depth social commentary about the nature of power and democracy.

Providing details of what you are willing and not willing to create.

Good examples:

I'm willing to write fic, can write Gen or Slash (Lewis/Hathaway preferred but guess I could try my hand at femslash too...). I'm particularly good at angst and darker stuff, can do most kinks. Other fanworks I can create include fanmixes and icons.

I don't want to write het. Not very good at fluff or happy fics. I'm bad at creating original characters. I can't do videos and my graphic skills aren't great so I wouldn't want to try any larger graphics.

Bad examples:
Too vague: I'll write some fic/Het preferred/Anything goes (you can put this last option but must be prepared to receive a request of literally anything then)

Too dictatorial: I've been planning on this oil painting of naked James so I'll do that/I hate everyone except Lewis so I'm only going to write fic about him.


We hope this is clear enough. If not and you have any questions, please ask them HERE

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Lewis Secret Winter Exchange 2017 Q&A


As there was interest, we hereby announce the first

Lewis Secret Winter Exchange 2017

This post is for information and for you to ask any questions you may have. To sign-up to the Exchange, go to the Sign-Up Post but please read the familiar guidelines below first.

Q: How will the 'Secret Winter Exchange' work?
When signing up for the Exchange you provide details of the kinds of fanworks you would like to both receive and create (and anything you definitely wouldn't (see Sign-Up Post for information). Mods will match all the requests to creators as best as we can and 1. send your request to someone and 2. send you the details of the request you are expected to fill. You will only know your recipient's name and all fanworks will be posted anonymously (by the mods) and only on the Dreamwidth community. Everyone will receive a lovely Secret Winter treat. Authors' and creators' names will be revealed after the Exchange is over and in the meanwhile you can all enjoy a little excitement and secrecy to spice up the winter time.

Q: What are Minimum Requirements?
You are expected to create at least:
Fic - 1000 words
Icon set - 10 icons
Larger graphics(headers, banners, wallpaper) - 2 graphics
Fanmix - 10 songs
Videos - 1 minute

Q: Can I sign-up just to receive a gift?
No. This is an exchange so if you post a request for a gift, you will be asked to give a gift in return. Therefore, please do not sign-up if you believe you will be unable to complete a request given to you.

Q: Can I create a sequel/missing scene to an existing fic/fanwork?
No. All fanworks must be new creations. This is for two reasons: 1. You are creating a 'gift' for somebody else, which means you should be aiming to write/create something that matches their wishes. 2. Creating something linked to an existing fic/fanwork would negate the anonymity of the posts.

Q: Do I need a beta reader/viewer?
We strongly encourage this practice if at all possible. As you're creating a gift, it's a good idea to get it checked over by a second pair of eyes.

Q: What if I my recipient requests for something I really don't want to do?
This shouldn't happen. Everyone is encouraged to provide a variety of options and prompts and the Mods will do their best to find a suitable match for everyone.

Q: What is the time schedule like?

Sign-ups open: 16th of December
Sign-ups close: 22nd of December
Assignments are sent out: by 24th of December
Check-in: 5th of January
Posting starts: ~1st of February
Author/Creator reveals: Once all fanworks are posted, probably after New Year

Q: Sounds awesome, how do I sign-up?
Go to the Sign-Up Post for all the necessary information.

Q: Can I pimp this to my friends?
Please do.

Q: I am confused and still have questions, what to do?
Comment in this post with your questions and we'll do our best to answer them.